The Reafit Workout Station combines advanced software with expertly designed hardware. It is a complete solution for increasing functional strength and supporting physical recovery.
The Reafit Method teaches your body a new kinesthetic knowledge. It helps you intuit the right movements and make healthy decisions.
The Reafit mobile app contains training programs developed and tested by professionals. The app allows you to add new exercises and create your own training programs.
The Reafit Station
Designed for short training sessions to relieve tension and strengthen the deep and superficial muscles. By using Reafit, you can get lighter on your feet, become more relaxed, and maintain a better mood for longer.
The Reafit techniques include:
Warm up
Stress relief and relaxation
Posture correction
Balance and coordination
Office workouts
Strength training
Bedtime relaxation
Suspension training
Waking up. At this point, the body's metabolism speeds up, and the level of amino acids in the blood increases. Normally, after a good night's sleep, a healthy individual feels energized and ready for both mental and physical activity.
The perfect time for light physical activity that will energize your body and prepare it for the day. Recommended exercise duration: 5-10 min.
Your digestive system works really well during this time. Active nutrient absorption helps efficiently convert food to energy.
First productivity peak. Maximum mental activity. A great time for tasks that require focus and attention.
A 5-10-minute warm-up relieves fatigue and tension caused by several hours of sedentary office work. Being more energized as a result, the individual selects lower-calorie foods for lunch to replenish his or her strength.
The perfect time for lunch. The digestive tract works faster during this time. Blood flows to the digestive organs, brain activity decreases.
Time for relaxed digestion. The body is slightly tired due to expending energy on digestion.
Second activity peak. The body has converted food to energy and is working at full capacity again.
A good time for a healthy dinner that will replenish your energy until morning.
An hour after dinner is the perfect time for a walk or some light exercise. This helps relieve stress before bed, makes blood vessels more flexible, improves circulation, and prepares the body for sleep.
At this time, the brain's memorization capacity increases. This is a good time to read or study.
The body goes into resting mode. Recovery starts. Metabolism, heart rate, and body temperature decrease.
Recovery phase. All biological processes have slowed. Our bodies get the highest quality rest during this time.
Low energy levels after sleep due to disrupted eating patterns and failing to wind down before bed.
Caffeinated beverages are used to boost energy levels. Their effects are short-lived.
Low energy levels lead to a bad mood. The individual tries to improve his or her mood by consuming an abundance of simple carbs at breakfast. This causes a powerful yet brief energy rush. Side effects include fat gain, increased risk for diabetes, etc.
A brief period of high productivity and increased mental activity.
As blood caffeine and sugar levels drop, fatigue and hunger set in by lunchtime. Sedentary work causes additional discomfort due to lack of movement. The individual resorts to high-calorie foods at lunch to restore energy.
After eating heavy foods, the body spends a good amount of energy on digestion. Energy levels plummet, and the individual feels sleepy.
The individual has to consume more caffeine and sugar to boost performance following the high-calorie lunch.
A brief period of improved functioning and mental productivity
A high-calorie dinner followed by more sedentary activity such as watching TV or surfing the Internet.
Energy levels plummet, leading to a state of apathy and indifference to the outside world. The body craves more simple carbs in the form of sweets and sugary drinks to relieve tension and get in a better mood.
Personal efficiency decline. Inability to concentrate.
Critically low energy levels. The body draws on its biological energy* to compensate. This increases the risk of health problems, depression, and chronic fatigue.
Insufficient sleep during this time may lead to health problems and a bad mood during the day.
Energy levels throughout the day
Low energy levels lead to a bad mood. The individual tries to improve his or her mood by consuming an abundance of simple carbs at breakfast. This causes a powerful yet brief energy rush. Side effects include fat gain, increased risk for diabetes, etc.
  • Replenishes energy levels, enabling the individual to deal with daily tasks
  • Maintains a quality physical and emotional state
  • Decreases the risk of musculoskeletal injuries (given regular physical activity of 210 minutes per week)
  • Boosts mental productivity levels
  • Low energy levels, decreased performance
  • A lack of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle – the highest risk factors for serious diseases
  • A quick but brief energy boost and the development of an addiction to "quick fixes" (such as caffeine, simple carbs, etc.), especially given an intense work schedule
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