The Reafit Workout Station combines advanced software with expertly designed hardware. It is a complete solution for increasing functional strength and supporting physical recovery.
The Equipment
The station is essentially a stylish, sturdy, and compact cable machine. It's designed
to suit every original Reafit exercise in the app. You can work out in small spaces
with maximum comfort and safety.
The machine's every part is carefully engineered to make it as comfortable, secure, ergonomic, and stylish as possible.
It has never been
so easy to stay in shape.

Choose your color
The colors we offer have all passed our rigorous 1000-hour salt spray test
The machine's materials are designed specifically for durability, functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Every detail has been carefully thought through, from the metal bars to the surface finishes.
Easy to install
Install the machine in just 5 minutes. Reafit is delivered ready to assemble and with complete instructions. Mount the machine on a suitable wall and begin exercising.
Choose from more than 1000 different exercises
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