Frequently Asked Questions
We're here to help you learn everything about the Reafit station and how to order one for your home, office, or gym. Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.
How to use Reafit
How does Reafit work?
The Reafit System includes just one machine that can be mounted on a wall in the room of your choice. The app contains all the exercises needed for a full, efficient workout program on the Reafit machine.
What are the features of the Reafit App?
Versatility and efficiency. The Reafit App provides you with both the exercises and the guidance to get the most out of the Reafit machine. You can use the app anywhere.
Will the App be updated?
Absolutely. Our app will be updated as new workouts are released.
Is it possible to modify Reafit workout programs and individual exercises?

You can personalize any program or exercise you find in the app to suit your personal preferences and fitness level.

When you first use the app, it will ask you some questions about your fitness goals and current fitness level to help select the best exercises for you. You are free to change any of the suggested exercises any time you wish.

If I create a new workout program for the app, do I own the rights to it?
You decide. There are 3 privacy levels for programs in the app: private, verified, and released.
If you wish to keep your program private, set it to "private."
If you want to release your program, you can send it to our company specialists who will mark it as "verified" and label it with your name. You may then choose to set it to "released" and charge a fee whenever someone wants to use your program.
How do I create a new program?
Easy! Just go to the "create program" menu and chose from a thousand+ exercises. Choose a name for your program, and you are all set! You can modify your program at any time.
What's included with the Reafit station purchase?
You'll receive the Reafit machine, 4 wall attachments, two pulleys, two Reafit looped handles, and two ropes. Also, you will get free access to our app.
Returns & Exchanges
How does the return process work?
If your machine is damaged during shipping or has a factory defect, we will either exchange the broken machine for a new one or give you a full refund. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Please email our Support Team at for all refund/exchange inquiries. At the start of the exchange process, we will send you a RAN# (return authorization number). Once we receive the damaged machine, we will ship a replacement. If the Reafit station is currently out of stock, you will have the option of receiving a full refund instead, or waiting until the machine is back in stock.
What is the extent of customer service provided?
We have a full customer service platform designed to help you with any questions you may have. We provide a forum, support via email, and how-to videos.
How can I order a Reafit station?
You can easily order your Reafit station on our crowd funding platform or via our official website.
Does the machine come with a warranty?
The purchase of a Reafit machine includes a 1-year limited warranty. With the right care and proper cleaning, a Reafit station is designed to last for years and offer you a continuously good service. In your order, you will receive a fully-functional device and comprehensive customer support.
Shipping & Delivery
Can I pick up my Reafit station instead of paying for shipping?
Currently all machines are delivered via shipping only. We will update you with any information regarding pick-up locations if they become available.
Is expedited shipping available?
Yes. We can provide multiple shipping methods, according to your needs, at additional costs.
How long does the shipping take?
The shipping time depends on your location. If, for example, you are ordering in the U.S., then the estimated delivery time is less than 2 weeks. For other countries/regions, the shipping time may vary from 1 to 5 weeks. You are welcome to check on the status of your package at any time by contacting us.

Is shipping included in the price?
Currently, the shipping cost is not included in the price. Deliveries to the US are free of charge, but otherwise, the shipping costs vary depending on the destination country. Some countries impose additional shipping fees.
Customer service
We're happy to give you any advice you may need.

Please contact one of our experts, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We generally respond within twelve regular business hours.